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What tools to use for improving Python code maintenance

Maintenance is important. Because crafting code takes time. Therefore, your invested time should turn into a reliable product. There are some tools that can help you maintain your code base programmatically.

PEP 8 Style

Keep your code to the agreed style guide PEP 8. Exemplary tools can be pycodestyle, black or flake8.

Code Climate

Code Climate indicates how well you’ve defined your function’s and variable’s names. Analyze your code for improvements in readability.

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Sphinx let’s you easily generate beautiful documentation – for instance as a HTML output ready to be hosted on pypi.


Codecov shows you what parts of your code are covered with tests – and which parts are not. So, it allows you to discover where to improve your project’s tests.


Host your projects with git and allow your fellow coders to review, post an issue and request changes.


With Travis CI you can continuously test your code. It can be integrated with other tools as well, e.g. GitHub.

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