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Data Engineering

Lay the foundation to data analytics by organizing your data pipelines and providing ready-to-use data.

Machine Learning

Using artificial intelligence and predictive models, we help you gain critical insights to make better decisions.

Web Applications

Publish your great work and showcase your data product to the world through an interactive and engaging web experience.

Service & Support

We help you to deploy, maintain and develop your software product so that it lasts long.

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Boost your sales team’s effectiveness with data-driven targeting, forecasting and territory management.

Research & Development

Go beyond your competition and find the perfect product-market fit with the help of unprecedented depth of data and insight.


Automate your process with the help of data pipelines and prescriptive analytics.


Move from collecting macro market data to forecasting your individual buyer’s behaviour.

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Business Process Analytics

Gain end-to-end visibility into complex business processes to understand work flows and bottlenecks so that you can take actions to optimize your efficiency and productivity.

Custom Machine Learning

With customized Machine Learning models, we retrieve intelligence from geographical data to make better marketing decisions and increase sales productivity.

Data mining

Collect high quality data to spot insights and anomalies, so that you can make better business decisions and boost your business’ productivity.

Machine Learning

Embrace the principle of “you train it, you run it,” and achieve MLOps excellence with the right set of tools and technologies.


Let’s discover your challenges together, If you are not sure how to move forward.

Roadmap Program

Discover your business challenges to maximise your data and AI strategy and attain a roadmap to success.

Product design workshop

Combine your ideas, use cases and technology requirements to design the best unique solutions and prototypes for your business.

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