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MLOps – Machine Learning Operations

Streamline your workflow with MLOps

MLOps, which takes the best from DevOps and applies it to building, deploying, and managing reliable and scalable AI/ML services in production, is the foundation and guiding principle for AI/ML in production, with continuous integration, delivery, training, and monitoring to enhance pipelines for AI/ML services.

Machine Learning Operations is a set of practices and techniques that streamline and operationalise the entire machine learning development and deployment lifecycle. With MLOps, organisations can improve the accuracy and performance of their ML models, reduce operational costs and resource wastage, and gain a competitive advantage through advanced ML capabilities.

Our team of experts will work with you to assess your current Machine Learning capabilities and infrastructure, and provide tailored recommendations and solutions that align with your business goals.

Our solution consists of a range of services designed to help organisations achieve MLOps excellence with the right set of tools and technologies. By embracing the principle of “You train it, you run it,” we focus on ownership, accountability, and quality to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

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We’ve designed our services to be delivered in three focused tracks, each designed to help you reach specific milestones on your path to MLOps mastery. 

Our service tracks are like a relay race. Each team needs to pass the baton to reach the finish line. In the same way, our service tracks are structured to help you progress from one step to the next, getting closer to your goal.

Pave your journey 

  • Introduction Workshop
  • Capability Analysis

Streamline your success

  • Capability Analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping

Maximise your ML Pipeline

  • Capability Analysis 
  • Sourcing an MLOps Platform
  • Building an MLOps Platform

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Aiku CICD for ML Capability Assessment

Asses your capabilities

Are you looking to improve your organisation’s Machine Learning capabilities? With our analysis, you will get a clear roadmap for advancing your MLOps practice.

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