Kickstart Track

The Kickstart track is the first step in Aiku’s MLOps service journey. It helps you get up to speed with MLOps best practices and benchmarks your organisation’s current MLOps capabilities. With this track, you’ll gain a clear direction for advancing your MLOps practice and accelerate your time-to-market for AI/ML initiatives.

Paving your journey in ML

Aiku CICD for ML Capability Assessment
Outcome #1
a comprehensive understanding of MLOps best practices
Outcome #2
Possible use cases and initiatives for MLOps adoption
Outcome #3
MLOps capabilities assessment
Outcome #4
a clear roadmap for advancing your MLOps practice
Outcome #5
Establish a strong foundation for future MLOps success
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Service Deliverables

Aiku CICD for ML_Kickstarter Journey

Capability analysis

Assess your current MLOps capabilities to identify strengths and weaknesses across your ML practice.

Get a detailed report on MLOps capabilities.

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Introduction Workshop

Learn the foundation of MLOps and how to apply it through a combination of lectures and practical exercise.

Get MLOps use cases and concrete initiatives for your organisation.

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