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Aiku wins Futuremakers Award 2023

We are thrilled and honored to share that Aiku Technologies  has been awarded with the “Futuremakers Award 2023” by the Standard Chartered Foundation. This recognition in the “Business Progress” category is not just a win for Aiku but a celebration of our dedication to pioneering artificial intelligence and data solutions.

Aiku’s Journey: From Vision to Reality

When Siegfried and I founded Aiku Technologies, our mission was clear – to bring out the best in people through technology. Today, to be acknowledged for our efforts in the “Business Progress” category is beyond gratifying. Aiku specialises in automating data pipelines for healthcare intelligence, software integration, and internal enterprise software. This award fuels our passion to contribute to a better and healthier society.

Gratitude to Futuremakers Female Training

The Futuremakers Female Training has been a game-changer for us. The support from the Standard Chartered Foundation has not only fueled our business progress but has also been instrumental in shaping our journey. The recognition comes with a deep sense of gratitude for the program, which has been a beacon for young entrepreneurs like us.

Futuremakers 2023 Germany Aiku Soraya Rosadha
Soraya Rosadha representing Aiku at Futuremakers 2023 Award Ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany
Together, creating for Positive Change

I arrived in Germany from Indonesia in 2022 with a vision, and being recognized by the Futuremakers Award validates the determination and energy we’ve poured into Aiku Technologies. The Futuremakers programme, with its emphasis on combating inequality and promoting economic inclusion, aligns perfectly with our values. Supported by like-minded organisations, including KIZ SINNOVA and Youth Business International (YBI), has been a rewarding experience.

Futuremakers Award 2023 winners

Congratulations to all the remarkable winners and founders, whose outstanding achievements at the Futuremakers Award 2023 are driving positive change and inspiring us all.

Marta Pukite from Friedrichsdorf receives the award in the “Female Empowerment” category. Her company QBER develops solutions to determine the financial impact of cyberattacks so that other companies can invest in cybersecurity in a targeted and effective manner.

Miriana Palermo from Herne was honoured in the “Visual Impairment” category with her project “Coaching without detours – towards your best vision”. She offers all people, regardless of their origin, religion, sexuality, etc. and in particular people with a visual impairment/blindness, the opportunity to receive personalised and tailored coaching in all situations in life.

In the “Social Impact” category, Christoph Tippmann from Frankfurt was honoured with 90green solutions. His company uses data-driven greening solutions to bring green spaces into cities and urban areas and makes the sustainable and environmental impact measurable.


As winners of the Futuremakers Award 2023, Aiku Technologies and fellow entrepreneurs not only receive the prestigious accolade but also gain access to a transformative package, including a monetary prize of 1,500 euros and an individual coaching program. This invaluable support, provided by the Standard Chartered Foundation, propels us further on our journey, enabling continued growth, innovation, and positive impact in our respective fields. The recognition is not just a testament to our past accomplishments but serves as a catalyst for future success, driving us to reach new heights in entrepreneurship and social contribution

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Aiku’s Commitment Moving Forward

As we look ahead, Aiku Technologies remains committed to leveraging technology for positive change. Our focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors is aimed at supporting healthcare professionals in strategic activities and automating their work. The Futuremakers Award motivates us to continue driving innovation and making a lasting impact.

Thank You for the Recognition

We want to express my deepest gratitude to the Futuremakers programme, the jury, and everyone involved. This award is not just a validation of our business progress but also a testament to the possibilities that arise when determination meets support.

To learn more about Aiku Technologies and the incredible journey of Futuremakers Female Training, visit Futuremakers Germany Official Page and Standard Chartered Foundation.

In closing, receiving the Futuremakers Award 2023 is an incredible milestone for Aiku Technologies, and we are excited about the journey ahead as we continue to bring technology to the forefront of positive change. #hereforgood

Aiku Futuremakers Award 2024 Germany
Aiku Futuremakers Award 2024 Germany

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