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92% large firms achieved RoI on AI & Data

New Vantage Partners

AI industry will gain $126b Revenue/year by 2025


72% firms
believe AI will make jobs easier


However, finding a starting point remains as a barrier to AI adoption.

We can help you bridge the gap between now and your digitally transformed future self so you can be ready, easily track progress and evaluate outcomes.

Roadmap Program

Roadmap Program is a set of process to analyse your company’s readiness and explore relevant use cases to adopt an AI strategy.

Through this program, companies can create a data strategy and AI products or services with less or without risk of product redundancy and misplacement of investment.

Machinemind Roadmap Programme

Achieve AI-driven success and become an AI top performer by assessing your readiness, selecting your use cases and establishing your strategic roadmap.

ai-driven success

We believe AI is the future. Our Program maps where you are with AI adoption, and explores use cases so you can design smart processes, smart business decision making, and smart products/services.

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