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Must Watch: Youtube channels for learning Data Science

Is there some good content on YouTube to learn about Data Science? Sure thing, yes! YoutTube is a tremendous source of content of all kinds – and so it is for Data Science. Here is a short list of YouTube channels I found enjoyable to learn on topics and be inspired to try out new stuff.

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Data School This is a good start if you are a pretty fresh beginner. Data School focuses on the topics you need to master first. Kevin Markham has a great talent to introduce you to Python and it’s Data Science tools stack. Really – go here first, if you want to get started with Data Science in Python.

StatQuest with Josh Starmer StatQuest is fun. Well, if you like statistics, learning, and some random funny music, then you will enjoy StatQuest. Josh aims at explaining statistical methods in a clear language and animated visuals. His songs and his talk are super entertaining as well as informative.

3Blue1Brown YoutTube can offer even more funny and educational content on Data Science: 3Blue1Brown. The channel by Grant Sanderson combines math and entertainment. The explanations are driven by animations and difficult problems are made simple.

sentdex Here is a channel to find a comprehensive package for your career path becoming a Data Scientist with Python. You may enjoy the channel if you want to learn Python programming, Machine Learning, Finance, Data Analysis, Robotics, Web Development, Game Development and more.

Computerphile and/or Numberphile – Different to the channels above, you would not always find playlists of courses to attain some skill. I rather enjoy watching just to feed your curiosity on topics around computers and statistics.

Let me know any suggestions for other great content for getting an introduction to Data Science related topics on YouTube.

Side note: If you wish to engage more with either of the YouTubers, check their info pages on YouTube. You may find links to home pages, twitter, reddit, facebook or other social media.

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