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Must Watch: Good AI channels on Youtube

I guess, I just really like watching YouTube. And because of my recent endeavors in Data Science, I came across some channels that got my neurons fired. Lacking of a better title, I simply present must watch list of “Good AI channels on YouTube”.

Have I picked your favourites or missed some hidden treasure chests? let me know and improve this list on GitHub. Warm hearted thanks to you.

Two Minute Papers Károly Zsolnai-Fehér provides concise summaries on cutting edge publications in the space of AI – in many cases these are papers published on Arxiv. I’ve started following this channel back in 2016 and it was a great inspiration to get deeper into the field.

Siraj Raval “Hello World, it’s Siraj!” is the intro catch phrase of Siraj Raval. His vidoes serve you with a variety of examples and tutorials to increase your AI literacy. Plus, Siraj is an artistic nature. You may see him singing, rapping, acting, doing non-sonse, etc. Great fun.

Lex Fridmann A little more straight to the point: Lex Fridman. Lex is a researcher and lecturer at MIT. Besides some educational content, you may find him engaging in podcast-like conversations with knowledgeable guests. Quite insightful.

RStudio Okay, this one is for our R fan boys – I first thought. But the RStudio content can do a lot more. For instance, this channel features many talks held at conferences. So if you enjoy presentations of real work output, have a look.

Google Cloud Platform Here is another tool often in use in practice: the Google Cloud Platform. This channel not only introduces you to some key functionality. It may also provoke some thoughts on what new stuff to try with your next project / release cycle.

Microsoft Research Besides Google, Microsoft is another big player on the landscape. The Microsoft Research channel features a good amount of knowledge that is circulating in the sphere of Microsoft and AI. You can find talks, workshops, podcasts, explainer vidoes. Kudos Microsoft.

Besides Microsoft, Google or R, you can easily find other channels picking up other popular tools or research communities. Have a look for your favorite ones. Cause just as any other list I posted, this one is quite an understatement when compared against the breadth of content and creators out there.

So, just go ahead and explore for yourself. And, let me know what you’re thinking. Any feedback and comments appreciated.

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