Kick start your data & AI strategy.


  • What is our current data & AI status?
  • What is the impact that data & AI should make on our organisation?
  • How can we translate our data & AI ambitions into initiatives?


Step beyond the hype and get started with data & AI with a strong strategic impulse. From assessing your current capabilities to forming ambitions and kicking off data & AI initiatives with your organisation, we are ready to strategise together with you.

✅ Benefits


Get a strong strategic impulse to get everyone on board.


Create a low barrier for entering an innovative and complex technology.


Have clear ambitions for mid term innovation initiatives.

Aiku Tech_Strategise_Module


  • Guided self-assessment of current capabilities
  • Report industry best-practices
  • Review on current capability gaps
  • Vision setting on level of organisation unit
  • Company vision alignment
  • Company values & principles alignment
  • Discover gaps of data & AI ambitions and capabilities
  • Define capability development paths and milestones
  • Review potential operating models to realise data & AI ambitions
  • Define required capabilities for operating model stages
  • Between 60 and 120 Minutes introduction to Data & AI for non-technical staff.


Aiku Tech_Strategise_1
Reliable evaluation
of current data & AI status.
Data & AI strategy alignment
to company vision, values and principles.
A Kick-off session
with team, department, or company.
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