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Pharmacy scraping


Our client, a data science company that supports its clients by providing intelligence in the healthcare industry, started to seek important data from the web to add to their bulk of data in order to provide more up-to-date intelligence and anomalies such as new services, new features, etc. The main requirements are as follows.

  1. The needs to have visibility on data in a form of tabular data. Hence, our client can sort them out based on categories. The insights are needed to make better business decisions.


  1. A software package: team worked to gather data from different sources in a quick and efficient way.
  2. A database report: A list of data highlighting specific and relevant insights including new information, updates and anomalies.


Information gathering and processing is an integral part of the business decision making process. By using the Data Scraping solutions, our client has saved many working hours for manual desktop research that was deemed impossible to achieve by using the Data Scraping solutions. They can now identify new insights, features and irregularities which in turn help them to create better strategies to better serve their clients.

Tech Stack delivered

  1. Software Package/Python Package
  2. Database development
  3. Database engineering
  4. The whole Web-scraping process

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