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Forming Sales Territories


Our client, a data science company that supports its clients by providing intelligence in the healthcare industry, provides a service to their clients for “Sales territory area analysis”. It helps the companies to allocate their Sales-force team better. They have a current tool to map out the territory, however, with the rich amount and complexity of data they have, there was a need to invest more time in leveraging the tool. In addition, the tool was no longer compatible with the latest operating system. Hence, there was a need to migrate the tool to a different environment. Our client was required to address the following challenge.

  1. A Geo-Spatial tool: An easy to use and self-explanatory tool with a seamless user interface to display specific insights for their clients.
  2. The quality of data that is compliant to the German government.


  1. A software package: developed a software package to map the geo-entity territory that is completely outside the business operating system. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Our client now uses a totally independent plug and play product that is efficient and completely optimised. They can now save approximately 80 working hour of manual work monthly for clustering the data. With the Software package, there is no need for our client to keep updating the operating system or migrating to a different environment. They can retrieve the Geospatial map by plugging and operating it right away without manipulating the data.

Tech Stack delivered

  1. Software Package
  2. Machine learning equipment
  3. Clustering mechanism

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