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Distribution Channel Analysis


Our client, a data science company that supports its clients by providing intelligence in the healthcare industry, saw the increasing demand for better quality of data. Our client quickly took the chance to better automate their data process in the pipeline and enjoy greater visibility of it. The main requirements are as follows.

  1. An advanced analysis that is automated, simplified and self-explanatory. This will allow the analysts to easily use the data for interpretation and presentation to their clients.
  2. Innovation in their data. While our client is data rich, their data code would always need to be improved and optimised for specific business purposes. Especially when they move from a data project to data pipeline.


  1. Analysis report: aiku provided an analysis report that is insightful and simplified. It is customised to the needs of the Analysts for the purpose of client servicing.
  2. Code refactoring: The code refactoring was deemed important as they needed to extract one part/sub process of the code to be used for the specific purpose, without disrupting the whole heritage code.


Without the solutions, some functionalities of the data code were stagnated, hence, internally, the manual work might need to be done. Using the analysis report, the Analysts have gained more visibility in their data with a more seamless and speedy experience. The solutions helped to increase their productivity and efficiency while keeping the business process running smoothly.

aiku provided the solutions that are integrated with their technical roadmap. Hence it works efficiently in our client’s code without any disturbance.

Tech Stack delivered

  1. Software development/DevOps (Git) : Package Development
  2. Data Engineering: Database development
  3. Data Pipeline/Data Transformation
  4. Data Visualization: B.I. Dashboard & Presentation
  5. Machine Learning: Segmentation, Simulation, Matching algorithms

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