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ASCII Reader & Writer


Like enterprises in general, our client, a data science company that supports its clients by providing intelligence in the healthcare industry, has a unique way to format and save the data in-house. And as part of the process, the formatted raw data product they have in hand needs to be processed before being delivered to their clients. Therefore they started to look at the best way to retrieve the data as they have to read and write it with specific customization:

  1. A software script to retrieve the massive and complex data.
  2. A software script to write the data and format it for the delivery purposes.
  3. The understanding of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry business context to ensure the data is congruence.


  1. A software package to read and write the raw data: team worked to mine the data from the client by using different methods and testing it.


Enterprises save their data in various formats. It is very common that some data is encoded in many layers, and sometimes, the system is dated. With the right tools provided by aiku, our client was able to decode the data they need to discover the insights they need for their clients. The delivery of data became seamless, speedy and efficient

Tech Stack delivered

  1. Software Package
  2. Gitlab DevOps pipeline
    1. releases
    2. issue management

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