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Production Process Monitoring


Our client, a data science company that supports its clients providing intelligence in the healthcare industry, realised there were opportunities to maximise their operational efficiency. They seek to have greater visibility in the production process, and therefore, a discovery of potential automation in the production flow.

The initial request stated a dashboard to spot outlier cases in the production process logs. With the data visualisation, we aimed to bring transparency to production system errors and efficiency issues.


The solutions we provided were spanning across the domains of Data Engineering, Machine Learning as well as Application Design to bring the results to the production and service team.

  1. Database Integration: team worked to connect all the data in the database system and provide a unified view of them. In total, we integrated more than 5 systems in the control panel system.
  2. Machine Learning: From the back of the integrated data model, we were able to predict delivery time for each product, or generate product recommendations for upselling opportunities.
  3. Monitoring Application: The data pipeline led all data into one dashboard where users from different departments were provided with the updated and curated data.


At aiku, we understand the challenge of enterprises in handling fast and exponential growth throughout time. With the solution, they gained visibility of production and insights for their process and efficiency, which in turn helped them to save cost. Now our client can investigate the details of data and logs on their production systems to point out the solutions they need. Eventually, the task that looked impossible to do can be completed.

Tech Stack delivered

  1. Data Modeling and Integration
  2. Automated Data Pipeline
  3. Production Time Prediction
  4. Recommendation Engine
  5. Power B.I. Dashboard

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